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German excellence through and through. Dedon is notorious for the innovation and style of their outdoor furniture. Drawing inspiration from the time-honoured weaving tradition of the Cebu Islands in the Philippines, Dedon weaved a synthetic impervious fibre into luxury outdoor designs while simultaneously working their brand into design history.
Dedon is the absolute point of reference at the global level in the production of outdoor furniture in an original hand-woven fiber, not only they are resistant to sun, rain, frost and sea water, but also excellent stability of colors and textures are guaranteed. Cushions, made ​​in specific tissues to the outside, give to the Dedon collections a more cozy look and a relaxing comfort.

The first to weave synthetic fiber into luxury outdoor designs, the first to place an absolute premium on quality, the first to become a truly global brand setting the standard for woven outdoor furniture since its founding in 1990.

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  • ‘Ahnda’ Coffee Table by DEDON

    EUR 2,780 Select options
  • ‘Ahnda’ Lounge Chair by DEDON

    EUR 3,856 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • ‘Babylon’ Planter L by DEDON

    EUR 1,490 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • ‘Babylon’ Stool / Side table by DEDON

    EUR 290 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • ‘Bellmonde’ Armchair by DEDON

    EUR 2,330 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • ‘Bellmonde’ Dining Table by DEDON

    EUR 4,590 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • ‘Dala’ Coffee Table by DEDON

    EUR 2,525 Select options
  • ‘Dala’ Footstool by DEDON

    EUR 2,550 Select options
  • ‘Dala’ Lantern by DEDON

    EUR 409 Select options
  • ‘Dala’ Lounge Chair by DEDON

    EUR 3,757 Select options
  • ‘Dala’ Loveseat by DEDON

    EUR 11,790 Select options
  • ‘Dala’ Stool by DEDON

    EUR 1,519 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart

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