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Pols Potten

Pols Potten

The idea of POLSPOTTEN is that you can discover a specific design piece or find an accent that elevates the identity of your entire environment. Since 1986, POLSPOTTEN has been designing, developing, and selling interior products while putting respect for people and the environment first.

Their designers give your interior a surprising touch, bring it to life and offer you the ability to play with your space.

Handmade products with respect to traditional crafts, 
the cultural heritage that sparks our creativity, and our planet.

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  • ‘Classic’ Side Table, Pols Potten

    EUR 315 Select options
  • Barstool Simple Pols Potten

    EUR 1,120 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Bolt Stool, Pols Potten

    EUR 665 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Chair Arms Cosy, Fabric by Pols Potten

    EUR 598 Select options
  • Chair Aunty Velvet, Pols Potten

    EUR 618 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Chair Henry Pols Potten

    EUR 625 Select options
  • Chair Holy Fabric Pols Potten

    EUR 498 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Chair Peggy Pols Potten

    EUR 1,260 Select options
  • Chair Simply Pols Potten

    EUR 438 Select options
  • Coffee Table Disc, Marble Look by Pols Potten

    EUR 1,395 Select options
  • Coffee Table Oval Marble Look White Pols Potten

    EUR 899 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Coffee Table Thick Disk, Pols Potten

    EUR 1,620 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart

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