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S•CAB is a historic Made-in-Italy design brand of interior and garden furniture founded in 1957 by Cav. Francesco Battaglia in Coccaglio (BS). The company distinguished itself from the outset for its outstanding production and attention to detail, enabling it to offer modern and functional design furniture for everyday life.

All the collections are produced in Italy in three different production facilities, spread over a total of 85,000 m2. Every technopolymer product is made internally with 30 robotic presses.

Attention to the environment guides S•CAB towards cutting-edge and eco-friendly production techniques and processes to create an efficient and waste-free supply chain.

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  • Brezza Armchair, S-CAB

    EUR 1,020 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Dress-Code Fashion Lounge Chair, S-CAB

    EUR 927 Select options
  • Dress-Code Glam Lounge Chair, S-CAB

    EUR 834 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Dress-Code Oval Side Table, S-CAB

    EUR 310 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Dress-Code Round Side Table, S-CAB

    EUR 278 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Dress-Code Square Side Table, S-CAB

    EUR 299 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Extendible Table Pranzo 160/210, Anthracite, S-CAB

    EUR 1,280 inc. VAT 24% Add to cart
  • Finn Dining Chair, S-CAB

    EUR 368 Select options
  • Hug Armchair w/ Cushion, S-CAB

    EUR 243 Select options
  • Hug Chair w/ Cushion, S-CAB

    EUR 174 Select options
  • Hug Chair, S-CAB

    EUR 98 Select options
  • Hug Padded Armchair, S-CAB

    EUR 405 Select options

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