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Baskets, Sikar, Natural – S/3

SKU: 210890101


Use natural materials in your home decor and create a warm atmosphere in the concerned room. Sikar is a basket set from House Doctor which consists of 3 different sizes.
You can use them for everything from soft textiles to small office supplies. Use them as a decorative and functional element to create a natural look and a nice storage solution.

Material: Seagrass

L:, l: 40 cm, w: 40 cm, h: 38 cm
M:, l: 35 cm, w: 35 cm, h: 32 cm
S:, l: 30 cm, w: 30 cm, h: 26 cm

Delivery time: 3 - 7 days

EUR 189 inc. VAT 24%

In stock

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