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Mirror%2C+Walls%2C+Rose-+Gold+sc0324 Mirror%2C+Walls%2C+Rose-+Gold+sc0324

Mirror, Walls, Rose- Gold sc0324

SKU: 209130324


Create new dimensions in your home with a new mirror. With Walls from House Doctor, you get a wonderful, round mirror with a rose gold glow.

Its rose gold glow gives the mirror a cool, retro vibe, and it is therefore an eye-catching dimension in any modern, cool and stylish home.

Hang the mirror in your hallway or over your make-up table to create a cool and elegant look in your home.

This mirror is both practical and extremely decorative when hung on the wall. In addition,

a decorative mirror also creates the illusion of a brighter, bigger room. The mirror has a diameter of 80 cm. This mirror is suitable for wet rooms

Material: Mirror/MDF

Delivery time: 3 weeks

EUR 148 inc. VAT 24%

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