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Stingray Floor Lamp – Bronze, 101 Cph

SKU: 223025


Inspired by the Stingray fish, the Stingray lampshade is all about the contrast between soft shapes and sharp lines. The almost floating lampshade is the centrepiece of the Stingray collection, elegantly featured in two chandeliers, a table lamp and floor lamp. The lampshade is designed to hide and expose the Lightsource according to the viewpoint, creating a flexible and artistic light experience.

The Stingray table and floor lamp is characterised by three legs, adding a certain rhythm and simplicity. The lampshade is mounted to an adjustable lamp arm, elegantly balancing the Stingray lampshade opposite a sphere shape.

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl.

Material: Metal

Item Dimensions: Height 145 cm x Width 21 cm x Length 106 cm

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EUR 799 inc. VAT 24%

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